Saturday, April 28, 2012

Decorating the Master Bedroom with Stencils and Plaster

In my last post, I showed you the ornamental plaster frame I did with Raised Plaster Stencils, Faux Finish Techniques and ornamental plaster molds on my master bedroom ceiling.

Continuing the project, I re-did my plaster wall frames with the same treatment I did on the ceiling frame.

Before, there was a simple marbleized finish inside the frames. By the way, I created these frames with my Wall Frame Plaster Mold Set and they have been a wonderful, architectural detail to the room.

I painted them the same inner color of the ceiling frame and then added just a portion of the Raised Plaster Floral Central stencil I had used on the ceiling.

I used the same Ornate Round Medallion plaster mold to create a center medallion for the frames. Now, all 6 frames in the room match the ceiling.

My next order of  business is to paint the frames themselves with the same metallic pewter color I used for the medallion in the center and all the plaster pieces on the ceiling. 

As the bedroom progresses, I find it much more elegant, much more coordinated and much more "put together". 

The greatest thing about this whole transformation is that it has literally cost me under $50.00 in paint and plaster!  (Not including the stencil and mold). This goes to show you that you can create high end decorating in your own home for very little money but the results look like you spent a fortune!

Visit the website for more projects like this one and all the stencils and plaster molds you need for the job!

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