Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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In this article, I show you how to turn your throw away furniture pieces in to treasures you wouldn't even THINK of throwing away!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Venetian Column Edge Plaster Mold for Home or Faux Finish Business

Oh how I love days there I find unique things to make my home or yard more beautiful. (Or to show to you). Today was one of those days and it popped up right before my eyes, begging me to take a look!

There it was! A venetian column edge plaster/concrete mold. My mind began picturing it's uses. Both in the Faux Finish Industry and for every home owner I know.

Whether you are a faux finish artist doing a room for a client, or a budding interior artist in your own home, imagine these uses for this spectacular mold:

1. You've painted a gorgeous Italian wall mural. (Or even have just a simple stenciled design on a wall). Now, cast this mold to create a wall to wall,  3-D floor element to stand in front of your mural. Not only will it make the mural recede and create depth within the mural design, it will also add an extra architectural element to the room (and a lot more profit in to your sale since you just added an extra service!).

2. Cast two sets of them, separate them by about 2 feet in front of your sofa and then cover with glass for a fabulous coffee table! 

3. Surround your plain front porch with them to create an old world entrance to your home.(I'd use concrete for this, then drill holes with a concrete bit and screw in to the floor boards to hold it good and tight).

4. Edge all the flower beds in your front yard (Wow, how elegant would that make your curb appeal?).

Cast this mold, then once the plaster is dry, take a hammer to one edge of it. Let it break as it will.
Tah Dah!...an "antique" looking, "broken" plaster piece to use as a decorating element on top of a large sofa or occassional table or buffet. Could you possibly have picked it up at a salvage yard in Paris on your last trip?

Buy this mold from Amazon. And I'd love to see pictures of what you wind up doing with it!

Now, what ideas can you come up with? Post them here on the blog and share with us all.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There are certain people that I've come across in my industry that are just creatively wonderful and on top of it, terribly sweet! Pro artist Suzanne Rende is one of those people.

Her visions come to life with our plaster molds and she had learned that using just one or two
plaster molds can create large, plaster ceiling medallions that she applies to the ceilings and walls of her customers homes.

Suzanne used our Crowned Acanthus Plaster Mold and Small Floral Medallion plaster mold in a circular formation to create this very ornate medallion. Painting each piece with gold metallic paint before installation made the finishing process quick and easy.

In this unusual yet quite dramatic medallion, she used our Small Cartouche mold on the ends and a combination of our Left and Right Scrolls mold with our Large Acanthus scroll Mold. Imagine how you could paint the inside of the medallion with any paint color to coordinate a room project.

Now this is a girl who shows off imagination when she casts many of our 2 on 1 realistic roses mold and with a cake decorating bag and more plaster, she pipes little branches extending from the flowers around a fixture to create a very feminine design.

Suzanne is amazing and delights me every time she sends me photos of her handi-work.

Now, take some delight in creating your own ornamental plaster ceiling designs.
Casting Plaster is EASY and it's CHEAP! Plaster molds are easy to work with and durable. We even offer FREE Ornamental Plaster Patterns using our plaster molds that make it a cinch for you to create quite elaborate designs without having to come up with a design for yourself.

So whether your are doing it for a client, or for your own home, you have absolutely no limitations to everything you can do with them. And Suzanne Rende is the positive proof!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Decorative Plaster isn't just for Victorian Decorating

Decorative plaster has been around since Egyptian times and has truly never gone out of style. Mansions such as the Woolworth Mansion recently featured in the news and stately homes all over the world sometimes use ornamental plaster extensively on walls and ceilings to add beauty to expansive spaces.

I personally have used ornamental plaster in my own large home and enjoy it's delicate elegance on a daily basis.

But though ornamental plaster decorating found it's US popularity in Victorian Era decorating, it has also crossed over in to today's modern decorating as well.

Ornamental plaster is actually very easy to create. It simply involves casting plaster molds, then arranging the cast plaster pieces in to frames, medallions, frieze and border designs on both vertical and overhead horizontal surfaces.

 The beauty of ornamental plaster in today's world, is that it can be used in our own homes, or incorporated in to our Faux Finish businesses to decorate everything from furniture to vases.

Case in point is Beth Savoie who recently emailed me about using our Ornamental Cabbage Rose Plaster Mold to decorate a bed head and foot board.

Beth is in the business of re-finishing and selling furniture. She found that our plaster molds came in quite handy when creating a new finish for an old piece. The results are incredible! And combining Raised Plaster Stencil designs with plaster molds gives her options she might not normally have for her one of a kind, truly beautiful pieces.

Visit her website at http://www.savoiestyle.com/ and enjoy her designs and maybe purchase a piece for your own home.

Visit the VictoriaLarsen.com website for inspiration, stencils and plaster molds to make a more beautiful home, a more creative life.