Friday, July 13, 2012

Give Your Old Shed a Dramatic Make-over

I finally finished the make-over of my nasty, old shed! See older posts for a photo of the shed before the changes and the step by step process. But don't look too was truly awful!
I loved watching this project come together with a few 4x1" boards for trim, painted a cheery green color and then the awesome pine design done on the door panel.

But the kicker was that I cast pine cones out of plaster from our Pine Cone Mold and attached them with adhesive caulk.
Now the door design takes on yet another dimension.

Neighbors are just going crazy over the concept (I can see their wheels turning as they view the artwork).

So if your shed, the dog house, even your own home exterior needs a bit of flair, consider this project as a fun and super easy idea!

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