Saturday, April 9, 2011

Creating Life-sized Trees on Your Walls is Easy!

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Large, lovely tree designs inside the home has become quite the rage for the past few years! And I love it!

Where they used to simply be part of a large wall mural, now, tree designs are being used as a single focal point.

Our Raised Plaster Aspen Tree Stencil has been used to create that single focal point, but also to literally cover the walls in a forest of trees! And every time someone sends me a new picture of what they did with that stencil, I'm so amazed at the different variations.

Some people, such as Kitty Ariza (one of my favorite and most creative customers) decided to do an interesting little twist on my Aspen Tree Stencil. Instead of adding the branch of leaves stencil, she opted to glue metal leaves to the tree that she found at a craft store. How cool is that???

The look is fabulous!

The tree actually begins down in the stairwell and climbs all the way up to the upper ceiling!
I also love the beige tone she used on the wall which sets off the gold tone of the leaves perfectly! The slight shading on the right side of the trunk helps to give the raised stencil design even more depth.

So if you have a blank wall space in your home that needs something grand, consider this design option.

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