Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raised Plaster Wall Frames Add Interest and Detail to Any Wall

Visit the website for hundreds of Raised Plaster and Painting stencils along with great ideas to use them creatively in your home.

Raised Plaster Wall Frames Add Interest and Detail to Any Wall.

I've long loved plaster frames on the walls to not only create more interest and architectural detail, but to also provide a framed area for paintings or photographs and even simple faux finishes, cast plaster ornament arrangements or small murals.

Any of the straight border or molding stencil designs on my website will accomplish this. 
For instance, my husband's music studio had blank walls and I wanted to do something spectacular to dress them up for him.

I plastered large columns with our Life-sized Column Stencil on the wall and then created raised plaster frames between them, using my Raised Plaster Ornate Frame Stencil set.

I plastered the frames and let them dry.

Inside the frames, I then hand painted sheet music over the top of a faux marble finish and stenciled my Violin stencil and Guitar stencil in the center of different frames. 

Everyone from our house appraiser to the many music clients he's had over the years just raved about the walls, running their hands over the raised designs in amazement.

Consider adding raised plaster frame treatments to large, empty walls, thin frames that run vertically down the sides of your fireplace, over your mantle or on the ceiling. Any of the straight border or molding stencils work well for this application.
Click the links below to see great stencils that work well for frames.

Two of my most favorite for creating wall frames are:

The degree of ornateness is simply dictated by which stencil design you choose.

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