Sunday, October 23, 2011

Create a Personalized Sign for Your Home

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In my last post, I showed you how I transformed my tired, weathered, quite ugly exterior doors in to elegant entrances in to my home.

I love this home; It's beautiful, it's serene, it's peaceful and I'm making it very elegant.

I wanted to voice that sentiment to all visitors which I did by creating a special sign that greets visitors.

I started with a 1" thick  square of wood that I sanded and primed, then painted with the same exterior paint color I used for the doors.

I had custom lettering cut out of exterior vinyl from our friends as and applied them to the face of the sign. "Chateau De L' Amour" which means "Castle of Love" in French. R.A. Smith has a great little tool on the website that allows you to create the phrase you want, choose the font and the color and then whips out a quote for the design before you ever purchase. How cool is that?

I then used a raised plaster stencil with joint compound, in a small border design to do the edges of the sign. 

After it was dry, I painted it with the same exterior paint to seal it.

Adding metallic gold paint to the design and a coat of exterior varnish over the metallic completed the sign.

It now hangs lovingly outside my back door (the main entrance to the house). Always a reminder of how I love my oasis in the forest. How grateful I am to have the opportunity to add to the history and beauty of this home.

See the cute floral etched glass design on the door glass? That's from my new Etched Glass Vinyl Window Collection! See it on my website: Etched Glass Vinyl Window Decal Designs

The way I see it, we never truly "own" our homes. We are simply care takers. Placed here to add to the longevity, the history, the beauty and love of these structures; these properties. We have the honor of adding to their character and just a little bit of us stays with the property forever.....our "foot print". What a cool thought.

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