Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to Give Old Doors New Life

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How to Give Old Doors New Life

Having a home in the high mountains of northern Idaho has it's drawbacks. The climate, both winter and summer, can be absolutely brutal on a home.

Though I've owned the home for 6 years, it mainly served as a vacation home and got neglected, simply because I was rarely here to do common maintenance.

Now that I live here permanently, I find many chores that needed to be done simply to prepare for the pending hard winter snows.

The exterior doors were cracked, dry and badly in need of repair. But you know me, I had to go one step beyond and make them look elegant as well!

After patching the cracks and sanding the doors, I added my English Traditional Raised Plaster Stencil to the bottom of the doors using wood patch (instead of joint compound) and then gave the doors two coats of exterior paint in a custom color I mixed myself.

The final step was to add that "Ooohhh LaLa" look by painting just the design with pewter metallic paint. A quick coat of exterior sealer will protect it from the harsh winter.

All of my exterior doors have now been embellished with the same treatment, giving my exterior a uniform appearance. The house trim was painted the same color, bringing a charming look to my new home!

Ah, the plans I have for this place....I'll keep you posted!


  1. I am thrilled to discover your blog. I just ordered some stencils from you. It took me a week to narrow down my choices. Just spectacular designs. I felt like a kid in a candy store!! I'll be back to order more, I know. Thanks

  2. It is difficult when you have so many options to actually come up with the exact designs you want to do. I just went through that when creating a very large ornamental plaster frame on my master bedroom ceiling! GRRR! I stewed for two whole weeks before deciding what to do and then (so get this), when I went to start this big project, I changed my mind completely and did something else! LOL! But it came out spectacular. I'll post pictures soon.

    Thank you for your order. I'd love it if you keep in touch and send me pics of what you wind up doing. Way fun!