Thursday, June 28, 2012

Create your own drawer pulls and tie backs with cement and a plaster mold

Create Your Own Drawer Pulls and Tie Backs with Cement and a Mold

Most of us think of molds when it comes to candy and candles. But ah, you are missing the best! Join me for an enlightening lesson on the creative things you can do with ornamental molds!
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Molds are typically a plastic form of an ornamental design.
They can be filled with anything that sets up hard such as wax, plaster or concrete products.
Get creative with your molds and you will find an endless supply of uses!
Not only can they be used to create ornamental ceiling and wall designs but consider this fun project for creating your own unique curtain tie backs and drawer/door pull knobs!

You will need:
The mold of your choice
1.Wood Screws of a necessary length to penetrate in to your cabinet door or drawer (depending on it's thickness). Note that wood screws have a pointed tip where machine screws have a flat tip. Machine screws will not work for this project.
2. A small bag of cement
3. Release spray such as silicone spray, mineral oil or even cooking spray. If you choose to use mineral oil, you will need a small paint brush to brush the inside of the mold with the oil.

Turn the mold face down. (I place mine on an old towel).
Spray the inside of the mold with release spray or brush with mineral oil.
Mix the cement according to the manufacturers directions.
Pour the mold 1/2 full then tap up and down lightly to force any air bubbles to the surface.
Fill the mold to full but do not over fill.
Check to make sure the mold is level.

After about 15 minutes, insert the head end of the screw in to the center of the wet concrete and press just until the head completely disappears in the mixture.
Prop it up straight with something if it tends to tilt.

Allow to harden completely. I would leave it for at least 24 hours.
Once it has hardened, turn the mold face up and while holding your hand under the concrete, begin to work the mold free.
Once the piece pops out, allow it to completely air dry then paint and varnish.
Fun, easy and stylish!

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