Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Stencil Contest at Stencilsearch.com

Here's your chance to win a full set of our Furniture Border Stencils!

We all love stuff for FREE right? And this give away is a whopper!


Furniture Borders #1 Painting Stencil

Furniture Borders #2 Painting Stencil

Raised Plaster Tremont Furniture Borders Stencil

Simply visit Stencilsearch.comhttp://www.stencilsearch.com to see our new article:
Turn Any Tired, Old Furniture Piece into a Decorative Piece of Usable Art with Paint and Stencils and then follow the instructions to enter the contest.

In this article, I show you how to turn your throw away furniture pieces in to treasures you wouldn't even THINK of throwing away!

And visit the VictoriaLarsen.com website for Great Decorating Ideas with Stencils and plaster Molds, A huge selection of Stencils and the most beautiful line of Plaster Molds on the planet!


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  1. Victoria! Love you, and what you create with your awesome talent and stencil line. THANK YOU!