Monday, September 24, 2012

A Venetian Column Edge Plaster Mold for Home or Faux Finish Business

Oh how I love days there I find unique things to make my home or yard more beautiful. (Or to show to you). Today was one of those days and it popped up right before my eyes, begging me to take a look!

There it was! A venetian column edge plaster/concrete mold. My mind began picturing it's uses. Both in the Faux Finish Industry and for every home owner I know.

Whether you are a faux finish artist doing a room for a client, or a budding interior artist in your own home, imagine these uses for this spectacular mold:

1. You've painted a gorgeous Italian wall mural. (Or even have just a simple stenciled design on a wall). Now, cast this mold to create a wall to wall,  3-D floor element to stand in front of your mural. Not only will it make the mural recede and create depth within the mural design, it will also add an extra architectural element to the room (and a lot more profit in to your sale since you just added an extra service!).

2. Cast two sets of them, separate them by about 2 feet in front of your sofa and then cover with glass for a fabulous coffee table! 

3. Surround your plain front porch with them to create an old world entrance to your home.(I'd use concrete for this, then drill holes with a concrete bit and screw in to the floor boards to hold it good and tight).

4. Edge all the flower beds in your front yard (Wow, how elegant would that make your curb appeal?).

Cast this mold, then once the plaster is dry, take a hammer to one edge of it. Let it break as it will.
Tah Dah! "antique" looking, "broken" plaster piece to use as a decorating element on top of a large sofa or occassional table or buffet. Could you possibly have picked it up at a salvage yard in Paris on your last trip?

Buy this mold from Amazon. And I'd love to see pictures of what you wind up doing with it!

Now, what ideas can you come up with? Post them here on the blog and share with us all.

Visit the website for more fabulous ideas for turning your home in to a home that delights you, plus all the stencils and plaster molds you could need to accomplish the task.

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