Friday, August 2, 2013

Victoria Larsen's Plaster Molds Get Attention from Glo Magazine

I've always loved it when our products get featured in a major publication!

Glo Magazine included us in their "DIY's That Instantly Change a Room" article!

It's easy and a lot of fun to create plaster wall art using our Plaster Molds.

For instance, choose a medallion mold and cast it in plaster of paris.
Create a wall hook by simply unfolding a paper clip. Bend it in the the shape of a "U".
Crimp the ends to create hooks then insert those ends in to the wet plaster leaving about 1/2" of the closed end of your hook protruding from the wet plaster. Once dry, this will serve as your wall hook.

Once the piece is totally dry, prime the piece and then paint it a pale color. Wall paint or craft paints are perfect for this.
Mix a deeper shade of the same color with translucent wall glaze and paint the piece with this mixture.
Now, using a dry terry towel, wipe off all the excess, leaving the darker paint in the recesses of the design.
This brings out the beauty of the piece.

Hang groups of different pieces on the wall to create a collage of ornamental plaster.
It's beautiful!

Visit the website for more great ideas plus tons of plaster stencils, painting stencils and plaster molds to help you create the beautiful home you've always dreamed of.


  1. Congratulations on getting your Plaster Molds Designs in the Glo Magazine article!! I'm so excited for you!! I love all your stencils and molds!!!

  2. I ordered your sunflower stencil. I am trying to stencil a cabinet that has been painted with semi-gloss. I roughed the areas of the stencil and applied plaster of paris. It looks fantastic but it's not staying adhered to the paint. I think I may have used the wrong medium. Please help!

  3. Interesting! Because I've plastered over high gloss paint many, many times and have had no problems. OK, so do this: if you have not yet painted over the design, and used joint compound, simply hold a warm, wet sponge over the design until it begins to dissolve and then gently scrape it from the cabinet.
    Now, when you plaster it again, this time, mix 1/4 cup of white glue (such as elmers) to one cup of joint compound and plaster it again.
    White glue will help it stick to the surface but also to help the compound particles to stick to each other.
    You can also very lightly sand the area where the stenciling will be placed. Use a 300 grit sand paper so that the sanding is very light.
    Update me when you get the chance and thank you again for your purchase.

    1. I'll try it. Thank you. Susan

    2. It appears to have worked. Thanks. Painting this weekend!

  4. Awesome Susan! Glad to be of service