Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Creating Ornamental Designs on Furniture is Easy with Molds and Water Putty

I love hand carved furniture and cabinetry. The beautiful patterns that protrude and catch the light. They look so "high end" and the intense beauty just makes me gasp for breath!
But have you ever priced the stuff? Yikes!

Though I do Raised Plaster Stenciling to create ornamental raised designs on furniture and cabinets all the time, I do love the look of much more high profile designs on some items.

Besides wanting to create those luscious Hollywood movie set ceilings and walls of ornamental plaster, that's one of the reasons I dove head first in to making molds for plaster.

Photo shows the artwork of Beth Savoie using our plaster molds on a head and foot board for a bed.

Finding just the right product to create a "hard as nails" casting from these molds was sometimes daunting. I wanted it to be easy, to be fast like plaster and to create a rock hard ornamental piece to attach to cabinetry and furniture. Bake-able clay and self hardening clay works fine but I like to try new things.

Alas, Durhams Hard Water Putty was discovered. I'd heard of this product before but never tried it until now. It's fabulous! You can pre-tint the putty with craft paints or dry pigments which is very cool, and you can mix it to different consistencies for different projects.

It comes in powder form in small, medium and large quantities and is readily available at your local hardware store. Now how convenient is that?

So when your next project includes adding ornamental beauty to your kitchen or bath cabinets, re-doing your headboard or adding the look of hand carves ornaments to your Armour, do give Durham's Water Putty a try.

Visit the VictoriaLarsen.com website for hundreds of painting stencils, raised plaster stencils and plaster molds for beautiful interiors.

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