Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Make an Easy, Inexpensive, Fake Fur Rug

I love fur! (Sorry, but I do and can't help myself). And I do own two absolutely beautiful sheep skin rugs. But I want more without either the numerical price or the cost to the lives of the animals. 

So I was perusing an old issue of Veranda magazine this morning and saw a home that was designed in the 60's by a very inventive designer. He'd used a goat wool rug in the room and it was stunning!

Suddenly, my mind drifted to thoughts of making my own "fake fur" run. Instantly, the solution came to mind:
Purchase a large section of fake fur in your favorite color (mine would be white and I actually have quite a large piece of this!).

Stitch it to a section of rubber rug backing. Why stitching instead of gluing? Because fake fur should never be washed. It needs to be dry cleaned and I'm not sure that can be done with the rubber backing attached.

So it you simply stitch the edges and then tack it here and there through out the center, the rug would lay flat and not skid. 

Tah Dah! There truly is an answer for just about everything and now I can't wait to try this!

Let me know if you do one.

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