Monday, January 24, 2011

The Thrift Store Saves the Day!

Now that I'm planning to move to my second home in Northern Idaho this spring, I've begun thinking about things I will need there in order to make it truly my "Palace". Curtains! Yes, I need curtains. Many of them, since right now, the window coverings I have at that house aren't necessarily what I would want as permanent coverings. 

Taking a break from work, I perused my local "Value Village" thrift shop in search of high quality window coverings in colors that I love to decorate with. Wha La! I found curtains alright....Lots of them!

You can find cheapo curtains all day long, but finding those of "quality" usually takes a bit of hunting or numerous trips.

Four absolutely gorgeous, heavy velvet panels in pale beige ($4.99 each) and in pristine condition made their way in to my cart right off the bat!

2 really lovely traditional style swags with a pale beige background and sage green scroll pattern ($4.99 each)

A gorgeous pale beige swag that must be 100" long with beautiful darker beige fringe along one complete side ($14.99) I'm sure I'll find a cool use for it!

 4 heavy brocade panels ($4.99 each)

So for $64.00, I wound up getting window coverings that are perfect for my style of decorating and will go really well with my furnishings! I figure that I saved myself at least $300.00 if I tried to purchase them all brand new.

I love, love, love, thrift store days like this one! 

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