Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Chaos of Moving Results in A Creative Surge!

I've had the weirdest experience lately. Here I am, sorting through my entire business; all the stored paint and art supplies, all the files, all the myriad of boxes loaded with past projects that weren't quite finished or the box of "to do someday" ideas that got set aside.

All in an effort to downsize so that I don't have to move as many items this spring over to my new home in Idaho, I've suddenly become overwhelmed with creative ideas!

Seeing all of that, remembering what was in my head when I started those projects has sparked the desire to sit down and finish them, to create new designs and to imagine some of these treatments in my new home.

As a result, all this month you will see new designs up on the website. OK, I just couldn't help myself!

And with each one, I imagine the place it will go in my new home. Before, I always dreaded the thought of a move (especially one as big as this one) but this is FUN!

My new Raised Plaster Moroccan Medallion. It really needs to go above my stove in the kitchen!

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