Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creating Textured Patterns in Drywall Mud

Visit the website for exciting new stencil designs for plaster, concrete and paint.

As you all know, I help to moderate the website.
While there this morning, I became fascinated with Wayne from
I looked him up on and simply searched Tajmawall for his videos.
What a kick in the pants! You have to watch what he does to create a planter out of an old ice chest using concrete! Very cool.

Ah, but I'm not done! His videos lead me to videos on plaster and I came across "Look,Read,Learn" videos. In this video, you are shown how to "comb" designs in to wet joint compound (plaster) on a ceiling.

I've had a blast doing this same sort of treatment on the bathroom wall in my home in Seattle. I thinned joint compound down with water to create a slightly thicker than pancake batter formula, rolled it on to the wall with a paint roller and then used a wallpaper brush to create a fun "feather" type pattern on the walls.

You could create really cool patterned scrapers by simply cutting a unique edge on to a heavy piece of plastic (such as a coffee can lid or even heavy duty mylar), then using that tool to create some of the interesting patterns this fellow is doing on the ceiling.

I'd truly love to tackle and entire ceiling with this idea. Imagine how it would look with raised plaster stenciling done along the border edge! Wow!

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