Friday, February 11, 2011

Experiments with Faux Finishes

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I'm a busy designer. So busy and involved in the day to day operation of my business that I just don't have time to take the  classes on the newest faux finishes involving plasters and concrete that artists in my industry take. 

A couple of weeks ago, I started playing with colored plasters and my trowel and wow! Some of the finishes I was able to come up with were just incredible!

Stroking on random layers of various colored plasters then sanding back once they were dry gave me some really cool effects. Some looked like real granite, others like authentic marble. Now I have visions of walls in my Idaho home being done with these treatments. Maybe doing them over the top of my raised plaster stencil designs.

In this sample, I troweled gray, green, rust and beige over the top of white. With each stroke of my sander, different shapes began to appear. And I became excited!

This sample was done by troweling black, deep gray, white and pale brown over the top of a taupe background which resulted in a granite look. My mind started thinking "counter tops" and my excitement grew.

My point? Sometimes it just takes "playing" to create something totally fabulous! Playing sparks new ideas, new techniques, new inspiration to creating new and dramatic finishes.


  1. I'm trying to think of something creative yet easy for my my bedroom've inspired me to quit searching for the perfect method or the ideal wall to copy. I'm going to start playing with paint and textures. Thank you!