Saturday, June 29, 2013

Add Super Style To A Plain Rug With Medallion Stencils

It's covered my deck for two summers and by golly, I was sick of how plain this rug was!

Besides that, an unfortunate spill had discolored the rug right in the center. I had to do something about this. I hate throwing out something that is completely usable. That's such a waste in my book and it's rare that I do it....I'd rather RE-do it!
 So I grabbed our new Amour Medallion Stencil and went to work. But my first order of business was to make sure the rug was clean as a whistle, so do vacuum or shampoo your rug first if needed.

Add a little fabric medium (available at your local craft or fabric store) to acrylic paint. Fabric medium helps craft paints to adhere to the fabric, but also keeps them pliable so they don't flake off over time.
Tape the stencil to the rug.  I used a 1" stencil brush and stenciled the medallion in brown first, using a swirling motion (rather than dabbing up and down) to create a solid pattern.
 Once the first repeat was complete, I overlapped the stencil over the previous medallion and this time, stenciled it in black for extreme contrast.
 Overlapping is cool! I love the look.
 Continue to add medallions to your rug. Some overlapped and some singular. Some half off the edge of the rug and some not. It's fun to decide just where you will place the next medallion.

Not only did I quite effectively hide the nasty discoloration, but my rug is worth of indoor or outdoor use to add a bit of style and fun to my home.

Consider using the same medallion stencil to place mats or large napkins and it makes an absolutely striking wall treatment!
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