Sunday, June 30, 2013

Create Your Own Removable Wallpaper. Great for Apartment or Rental Decorating!

Sometimes we are just in situations where we don't want to, or can't add permanency to our decorating. For instance, adding Raised Plaster Stenciling to walls or ceilings or putting up your favorite wallpaper stencil or rolled wallpaper. Well, here's the answer and it's easy!

Whether you are wanting the look of soft wallpaper patterns, a mural, embossed designs with plaster stenciling or brilliant flowers on your walls, the easy answer is DIY wallpaper out of canvas.

That's right! You can get large rolls of canvas on Ebay for very reasonable prices.

Protect your flooring with a drop cloth then un-roll the canvas on to the floor. The great thing is that it's easy to work on when it's on the floor.

Now, prime, paint, faux finish, stencil, do raised plaster stenciling, do anything you want to it! Anything you can do to a wall, you can do to canvas instead.

Now comes the even easier part! Putting it up on the wall.

Now, this little trick works SO well that you will just not believe it. What will you use as removable adhesive? Joint compound!

I'm the absolute queen of joint compound, and years ago, I painted a ceiling mural on canvas. I evenly spread joint compound over the ceiling, stuck the canvas to it, smoothed it out using a wallpaper brush (beginning in the center and working my way out to the edges. Wha La! What a fabulous adhesive!
That was 5 years ago and it's still there.
But I did a test first. Could I remove it?

I allowed the canvas to stay in place for 4 months. I then lifted one edge and pulled the canvas just slightly away from the wall to test the adhesion. It began to peel away quite easily. I smiled.

Where it became a little difficult, I sprayed a light spray of water between the canvas and the wall. With a plastic scraper, I began prying the canvas from the wall, repeatedly spraying and prying as needed until the entire canvas fell to the floor. Victory!

A bucket of warm water and a large sponge completed the job as I watched the residual joint compound melt away like old frosting on a cake knife.

The cool thing about joint compound is this:
1. It's water soluble so removal is easy.
2. It won't damage or discolor the wall.
3. Residual compound simply washes away with no tell tale signs of it's presence.

Joint compound is appreciated even by finish carpenters who recently posted that they were using joint compound to adhere moldings to ceilings. How clever!

Best of all, you can roll that canvas up and take it with you to your next home.

So the next time you think you "can't" decorate because you live in an apartment or rental, think again!

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