Monday, June 24, 2013

Selling Your Decorated Home; Is There Anything to Fear?

I'm in the process of selling my stencil and plaster decorated home in the high mountains of Northern Idaho.

Naturally, there are raised plaster stencil designs all over the house.

Since I realize (and was told by my agent) that my style or ornamental plaster decorating is not for everyone, I felt just a little nervous as the first showings were scheduled.

When potential buyers walk in to my home, they are immediately greeted by my

 Raised Plaster Aspen Trees on the walls. A glorious statement to "forest living".

In the master bedroom, they find my ornamental plaster ceiling frame and
Victorian plaster wall frames that were created using my line of plaster molds and stencils.

In the bathrooms, they find raised plaster stenciling on the doors of the cabinets and scattered over the walls.

I wished I could be a fly on the wall to hear their comments.

And then one day I was. I was asked to stay as a second showing to one set of buyers was conducted. I sat quietly in my office as I overheard my real estate agent tell the buyers agent that any decorating could be painted over or even removed (I cringed!). And then, I heard him say: "Heck no! These are artsy folks...they're diggin' it!". I loved hearing that.

Have I yet to receive an offer? No. (It's only been shown 6 times) But it's not because of my decorating. It has to do with location, home lay out and other issues that each buyer faces with their home buying decision making.

In fact, I'm wondering if it isn't the decorating that keep them lingering as long as they do.

So rest your fears my friends. It may be that when you go to sell the home that you have put your personal style on, you just might find it actually helps it to sell!

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  1. That's awesome to hear! We have an old fixer-upper that we plan on selling after the rehab, but I can't keep from personalizing it with stencils, plaster and faux painting. Hopefully potential buyers in my area like it too!

  2. Hi Jessica, the great thing when I sold my house was that the men loved the plaster stenciling and ornamental plaster frames I did just as much as the women.

    One man came back (count em), 5 times!!! While he was elsewhere in the house with the friend he brought with him, my agent said "I hope he's not turned off by all the artsy stuff". The agent replied: "Are you kidding? That's why he keeps coming back!".

    He later brought his wife and daughters and wound up being the couple that bought my home.
    So I would do what pleases you and watch the reaction you get.
    By the way, I did leave a note for buyers that if the decorating was what would hold them back from purchasing my home, that I would be happy to minimize it at least with paint.
    I never had a single soul mention it but more, got comments about how lovely my home was.
    Best wishes for selling yours!