Friday, February 4, 2011

New Raised Plaster Tree Stencil Design

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I've been working on it for weeks now and it's finally finished. My new Life-sized Raised Plaster Sapling Tree Stencil Set!

Like the Raised Plaster Aspen Tree Stencil, this design is created to give you the opportunity to create trees as tall as you wish. You have total control! With thin trunks and branches, these trees are much more delicate. The trees in the photo are between 5' and 6' tall but my plan is to make them around 7-8 feet tall on my master bedroom walls.

My master bedroom in Idaho is just screaming for this design. With long walls and tall, 10 foot high ceilings, I could do groupings of these delicate trees in the corners then light them up from the floor with some of the many floor canister lights I own. Wouldn't that be spectacular? I just can't wait to move so I can do it~

Right now, the room is pretty plain simply because I had it on the market to sell. But now that I will be moving there, I can go hog wild!

You can't imagine how I can't wait to see the carpeting changed from it's current royal blue color to a soft beige. The entire room will take on a whole new look once that happens.
I love decorating! Seeing the visions in my head then watching them become a reality.
Stay tuned as these projects all come together over the next months.

Do you have any big decorating projects planned?


  1. The stencil trees are so pretty. Can raised stencils be removed easily when a change is wanted.

  2. Hi Betsy,
    Raised plaster designs, as long as they have not bee painted over with wall paint are pretty easy to remove. Simply hold a warm, wet sponge to the raw plaster design and allow the water to begin to dissolve it and then scrape it off. Wet, scrape, wet, scrape, until the design is gone (protect your flooring).
    If you have painted it, you must remove the paint layer first (a little electric hand sander works great for that), then do the above application.
    I've removed nearly as many as I've applied so I have lots of experience with this one!

  3. Victoria,
    What a BEAUTIFUL stencil. In addition to using the stencil as you describe for your bedroom walls, I can also see using it on a giant canvas, as a piece of wall art. Thanks for being such an inspiration to my decorative painting business.
    Debbie Viola

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Kathy Boyd of Faux By Kathy and the originator of the website has recently been using the Raised Plaster Trees on canvas and other types of backings for fine art. They are just incredible! Friend me on Facebook and then click on her in my friends to see the magnificent things she's doing these days!

  5. Hi Victoria, It's Candi!
    I just wanted you to know I yesterday I ordered one of your plaster tree stencils and cant wait to get started.I plan on using it around my bed to give it a look of it being engulfed. I might need to order your oak branches too...I just loved the look they gave on your site in the bronze's. Well wish me luck! Thanks again,
    Candi McGehee

  6. Hi Candi. Can't wait to see photos! Wow....