Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to Faux Finish Your Formica Counter Tops to Look Like Granite

The inside of my home was pretty plain when I moved in and I've been dying to do something about it! Now, come on.....I'm a stencil designer... I can't even force myself to have a plain home for too long! Because I took all spring and summer to improve my yard and gardens, it took until now to begin to work on the inside.

I began in my kitchen. This was a room I didn't want to even hang out in! Blah and boring!

I started out with the cabinets,  staining them to a luscious dark coffee color. That change alone changed the feel of the room, giving it a much more elegant feel.

Do you see those plain counter tops? They needed a new color and textural view. I made mine look like real granite with just primer, paint and varnish!

It's easy to do. Click the link to see the detailed, step by step!

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