Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Paint Your Linoleum Floor and Design with Stencils

The last project with my kitchen re-decorating was to do something about that awful, white linoleum floor! 

I cleaned it to "squeaky", then primed it with Zinsser's Premium Pro Primer.

I decided that I not only wanted a soft faux finish, but that I wanted to create a design on the floor by taping off sections and doing them in different shades of the same paint colors.
I sponge painted cream and medium brown paints over the taped off rectangle in the center of the floor, blending, blending and more blending, with the light color being the most predominate.

I then protected the inner frame with tape and did the same sponging on the rest of the floor, this time using the darker color as the predominate color. Blending really well is what gives the faux finish it's softness.

I wanted a specific looking border for my kitchen. So I sat down in front of an old movie and drew this design as my "theme".

Once I cut the stencil, I used it with brown acrylic paint just inside the inner frame I sponged on the floor.

Yes indeed! That was exactly the look I was after!

4 coats of clear, non-yellowing polyurethane for floors and the paint job was now sealed and ready for traffic!

I'm just thrilled with how the whole kitchen came out. 

Next post, I'll show you how I did the back splash with the same stencil design!

Visit the website for beautiful stencil designs you can use to give your kitchen a fresh, updated design.