Thursday, November 6, 2014

There's something about a plain kitchen that just makes you want to stay out of it! And I had no desire to be in mine.

It was just so boring!

But I had a vision in mind.... Deep, richly colored cabinets, granite counter tops, a beautiful floor and stenciling. (What else? I'm a stencil designer! Gotta have stencils!).

The first order of business was to stain those light cabinets. They needed re-finishing anyway. Even though they are only 6 years old, the varnish had begun to come off the doors.

I tried a new product I really like: Minwax Polyshades. The thing I loved about it was that the product not only stains but also seals with polyurethane at the same time! Any time I can save a step, I'm thrilled!

All I had to do was lightly scuff the surface with sand paper. No stripping needed (another thing I loved!).

I didn't even remove the doors to apply this wonderful finish.

This change alone just thrilled me! Ah, but more, much more was yet to come!

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